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text me

call me


google with hash

share page

scan card

take photo



light with color

light with color alpha

light with color alpha overlay=true

light with color alpha overlay=false

dogparker itunes

dogparker appstore

get tags

set tags

set tag weiyin null

get cleverpush tags

get cleverpush attributes

add tag

remove tag

set name to weiyinweiyin

xtremepush hit tag

get all contacts

get contacts permission status

scan barcode

scan barcode scandit

select tab 2

deselect tabs

set tabs

hide tabs

set initial url to google

set initial url to facebook

clear initial url

prompt for initial url

passkit pass

anchor google

open window

First name:
Last name:

set up share

send custom registration data

brightness 100%

brightness 100% restore on nav

brightness 50%

brightness default

brightness100 and share

app settings

clear webview cache


end of file